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Fanfiction: Portrait of an Independent Genius, Chapters 1-4
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bad_hay wrote in sfa_history
I always forget to post this here! Which is silly, since I've put a lot of historical research into it. Oh, well...better late than never.

Title: Portrait of an Independent Genius
Author: bad_hay 
Rating: R/NC-17 (Eventually)
Completed: No
Pairings: John Druitt/James Watson, John Druitt/Helen Magnus (eventually)
Spoilers: Since this story chronicles John's history, I'm gonna be safe and say any flashbacks up through the most current episode are fair game.
Disclaimer: Sanctuary and its lovely characters are not mine. Montague John Druitt, the real-life cricketer, is also not mine.
Author's note: The title is taken from a quote by George Bernard Shaw, who sarcastically commented on the Ripper murders, saying “Whilst we conventional Social Democrats were wasting our time on education, agitation and organisation, some independent genius has taken the matter in hand, and by simply murdering and disembowelling...women, converted the proprietary press to an inept sort of communism.”

Summary: Montague John Druitt's journey from innocent child to involuntary murderer.

I. The Red Flower
II. Nativity
III. Manners Makyth Man
IV. The Gentleman's Game


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