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Sanctuary fic: Stars in the Firmament (Nikola, Helen, PG)
SW : Shadadukal @ LJ
shadadukal wrote in sfa_history
Author's note: this is for rowan_d , my winning bidder at helpthesouth , who asked for Helen & Nikola and a moment of genuine caring between them. Hopefully, you'll like this.

Title: Stars in the Firmament
Author: shadadukal  
Characters: Nikola Tesla, Helen Magnus, others mentioned
Rating: PG
Word count: +1490
Beta: many many thanks to grav_ity !
Summary: We are held together, like stars in the firmament, with ties inseparable.

Link: Stars in the Firmament

Reasons this belongs here: I researched the events of the winter & spring of 1892 in Tesla's life. And it's inspired by a prompt from the History Battle, although I didn't follow it to the letter.


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