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Fic: A Closet Full of Fantasies (NC-17)
SW : Shadadukal @ LJ
shadadukal wrote in sfa_history
Title: A Closet Full of Fantasies
Author: shadadukal 
Characters/pairing: Nikola(/Helen), Henry
Rating: NC-17
Setting: between Revelations and End of Nights.
Word count: +1410
Beta: thanks to oboetheres!
Gift for: grav_ity 
Summary: While working on a cure for the Lazarus virus, Nikola settles at the Sanctuary.
Author's note: this one is based on the following two prompts from the history battle at sfa_history : 1) Helen Magnus. Closets full of men fashion from 20th century, bought for Nikola and/or John, but everyone thinks the clothes are Helen's disguises. 2) Nikola Tesla. Waistcoat collection. They were my prompts and I used them as an excuse to write more waistcoat fic for grav_ity .

Read it @ the_wild_karrde

Reasons I'm linking here: other than the fact I used history battle prompts, I did research men's clothing for this. I don't know if the extent to which it shows in the fic is acceptable for linkage to the comm though, so feel free to delete this post if that isn't the case.


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